PC repairs, memory upgrades, system service, system reset, data recovery, virus removal, power supplies, hard drive replacement, network configuration and much more.

LAPTOP REPAIRS, screen LCD replacement, memory upgrade, replacement plastics, network configuration, keyboard repairs, hard drive replacement and virus removal are just a few examples.

We offer a no call out fee service to your home or small business.

  • Backup Services: Worried about old family photos, wedding photos or children's pictures being lost? We can set you up with a back-up system in order to remove the threat.
  • Broadband Installation: Broadband company's want to charge you high rates for installing your equipment. Save your money and give us a call or contact us via the form provided.
  • Data Recovery: Accidentally formatted or erased precious pictures, docs etc? We can recover 90-100% of files in certain circumstances.
  • Full Computer Service: Dust and ventilation are the two main killers of any pc/laptop. We will clean and then check your pc/laptop's performance for a modest cost. (A lot cheaper than a new unit!). Full System Protection, Anti theft cables and Internet security.
  • General Computer Repairs/Upgrades: More memory to improve performance, a bigger monitor, a media system to stream video around the house. Laptop repairs, cleaning services, screen repairs, replacement keyboards etc.
  • Networking: Link multiple pc's to share services, docs and improve productivity.
  • Personal Computer Build: Bespoke systems for gamers, graphic designers, workshop office or home users.
  • Tutorials: Got a new computer? We will come to you and show you how to 'surf' the net safely, setup, send and receive email.
  • Windows Password Recovery and Removal: Forgot your windows password. We can remove and reset to one of your choice.
  • Website Design / Re-Design: Please contact us for more details.